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News in Summary.

NOTE - System21 above is an abbreviation for the INFOR (formerly Geac/JBA) ERP package - System21 (System 21/System21 Aurora).

2010 continued and before.
 - Location System and Order Control Panel - 3 HHTs - with "Batch Control" - Live in Peak District.

 - IBM Advaned Level Business Partner - Approved.

 - Create daily downloads for distribution to Bank - Invoices and Overdue Balances using Mailer software.

 - Landed Costs implementation in Midlands.

 - New company - setup and implmented in Wales.

 - Fraud Investigation - 6 significant figures.

 - AFI review - Production; Distribution; and through into G/L.

 - Plan review; test and implement (Go Live took 2 hours) - for 2 new companies, due to restructure, within 24x7x365 production environment.

 - Full System21 Audit of existing system, plus bespoke, for company/system recently "taken over".

 - Dunning Letters implementation in Midlands.

 - Location System and Order Control panel - live in North Wales with 10 RF guns - full warehouse environment, increased visibility of shipment dates, plus reduced credit notes etc, as one integrated system - not two.

 - Increase Credit Checking processing - to ensure that stock can be allocated at picking time, but prevent shipments if Customers on stop or overdue. (in "real time" with no modifications to System21). 

We have designed and installed many more solutions to business issues with System21 or other systems. 
 - Please contact us for more information.

Earlier and not System21.
 - Process review in Fleet Management company - procure new solution - replacing multiple databases with one source of the truth.

 - System Audit and backup for Payroll System, plus all other data on the AS400.

 - Document, extract data, and design new pc based enquiry system for legacy Payroll system.