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I.T.Impact - System21 RF Location System

Product Overview

Our solution resolves the following issues within your business.

Real-time stock control.
Stock accuracy.
Improved Service Levels.
Simple to use with HHTs and System21 style menus / options.
Fully auditable/traceable.
Data in the same place as your ERP system.
Pick oldest stock first.

In addition to an Inventory stockroom, there is location control via a warehouse map.

HHT transactions:-
Putaway; Moves; Replenishments; Picks; Stock Counts (Cyclic or full) - all transactions time;date and User stamped.
Bulk; Block; Pick locations.

HHTs do not use System21 licences.

Not just for Finished Goods, but Raw Materials, and potentially any other Inventory stockroom.


No changes to System21 programs, and INFOR Smart Audit compliant.

This product works directly with System21 Inventory, including Drinks and Style. It does not need a warehousing or stock locator licence (Note - these are System21 modules).

Please see our latest case study - in conjunction with our Order Control & Planning module, this has made a huge difference to the accuracy of out-going shipments.