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I.T.Impact - System21 Audit Control and Fraud Prevention

Product Overview

This module seamlessly integrates with existing System21 applications, with no modifications.

Company Accountants and Auditors have increasing demands on who has done what?

Control and Visibility of key data changes is currently very hard with the amount of data that is being created on a daily basis, and the tools currently available.

 - This module collects ALL data changes (including IT) , not just those made by System21 programs.

This solution focusses on key financial data within System21, and can highlight in "real time" - changes that are being made, whether accidental or deliberate. 

It also shows to all employees that your company is serious about understanding who is doing what / when.

All changes are automatically Audited - into a separate database - date; time and user stamped.

These changes can also generate automatic "alert emails" - directly from your IBM i.

 - controlled by our "Mailer system" these alerts can be directed to the key people who need to see them!

You will be able to show Auditors the controls and Audited actions that are in place on your system.

Available on System21 Standard ; Style; Drinks; and Aurora versions of the product. 

This single database consolidates all companies and environments into one secure, user and menu controlled area away from System21. 

It is protecting many companies already,  dont let your company be a victim, or a statistic.

Our Credentials.

We have been involved in 2 fraud investigations with System21 Customers, 6 and 7 significant figures respectively, and we have used this knowledge to develop a tool that increases the validations in System21 to reduce the risk of fraud in your system.

One of our real time email alerts has already highlighted a low level fraud on a remote site - which has now been dealt with, and wont happen again.  

Use this solution to enhance your current procedures or kick start a culture of visibility and accountability.