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I.T.Impact Ltd
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I.T.Impact Ltd is an IT software and services company, based in South Manchester. It was created in September 2004.

Our objective is to “make business processes and systems work together to
drive business improvement”.

In today's ever changing business environment, we believe that many systems are implemented, but are not providing the maximum benefit to their business.

This is visible in 4 ways:-

- With data being entered into multiple systems or databases (including spreadsheets). There should be “one source of the truth”.

- “We cant get the data we want in the way we want it”.

- Reduction in knowledge/expertise of “systems” via takeovers or acquisitions.

- Time - other business priorities or objectives, mean that systems don't move quickly enough in  today's fast moving world.

Our customers are SME's with an annual turnover of £5m plus.
We specialise is ERP Systems, particularly System21, and have extensive knowledge of IBM i hardware and software.

Our key partner is IBM, with which we have earned "Advanced Business Partner" accreditation.
This has been achieved by implementing our software with our customers, who have provided references to IBM.
With over 75 years of IT industry knowledge, gained in a combination of software house or end user environments, and from a variety of industry sectors, we believe we have the skills to add real value to any company.

We aim to provide a high quality of service and support to our Customers.
We develop simple and achievable strategies , which mean that business objectives, not IT objectives, are met. We also believe that our role is as an interpreter - where “IT” is explained in simple language.

Our philosophy is to develop relationships of openness and trust with our clients, which we believe is key to our success.